Saturday 11th July 2015 - Married for 1592 days

Gift List

Back in the day, gift lists were a great way for couples to get new china, towels and coffee makers for their new home!!

As most of you know, Lina and I already have our own place and it is complete with all the necessities of life (well, all the ones that can fit in a one bed flat!). You'll also know that we like to travel and therefore if you wish to provide a gift we would dearly love a contribution towards our honeymoon.

We will not be going on honeymoon straight after the wedding as annual leave has been used up on various endurance events and wedding planning, so we will be delaying it until next year. We will however be spending a few days in Stockholm after the wedding, as neither of us has really seen much of the Swedish capital. In order to make a donation towards our trip to Stockholm or future honeymoon, please fill in the information below.

Many thanks!


Using the donation website is a four stage process. Complete the form below and click on 'continue'. This will add 'Step 2 of 2' where you should click on 'Donate'. This will take you to the website. Fill in your details and click the 'Review donation and continue'. On the next page check the details and click 'Donate'.

Please note that if the email address that you will use is associated with an existing Paypal account then you will have to pay using paypal rather than with a bank card.

Also, for the Swedish people, please do not use the 3 additional characters in the Swedish alphabet in any of the correspondence / payment process as these do not work!

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