Saturday 11th July 2015 - Married for 1613 days

About Us


LinaHockey-mad and always looking for her next exciting travel destination as well as her next sporting challenge - this year the Swedish Classic (skiing, running, swimming and cycling endurance events).


DuncanDIY expert who loves to travel and run the odd marathon. He doesn't mind joining Lina in some new sporting challenges, even if he does break his leg along the way!

How we met...

Many of you would know this story, but it seems that for the last decade or so Lina and Duncan have never been too far apart geographically. Lina lived just down the road from Duncan in Bristol when she was at university. Later they lived in London separated by a borough and they were both in Australia at the start of this decade.

Once Duncan returned from working in Australia their paths finally crossed with a little aid of an internet algorithm in April 2013. The rest, shall we say, is history!!

The proposal...

As with any proposal there is always an extravagant backstory with Lina being unaware of it! Hence, this section is written by Duncan!

Lead up:

I remember talking with my best man (Ross) in March 2014 about my intentions and how to go about buying a ring. By that time we knew that we were heading to the US in July of that year and had a rough itinerary so a plan of where and when the proposal would happen began to formulate!

After a little advice on the perfect ring and a tense time over its delivery, I plucked up the courage to call Lina's dad for permission - harder than you might think when you do not have his number! Thankfully Lina's brother didn't question why I wanted the number! Little did I know that it is not Swedish tradition to ask permission from the father! After polite conversation, and him not asking why I might be phoning, I got around to the matter of the permission asking! Thankfully I passed, but I needed him to keep it a secret as it was still going to be two weeks until I asked Lina! The secret was kept for about 30 seconds when he told Lina's mum after I hung up!

So with the ring in some tissue inside a memory card holder in my wallet I headed to the airport for the US (Lina had flown out a couple of days earlier). That wallet did not leave my person or a 1m radius for 2 weeks - to say I was paranoid about losing it is an understatement!

Proposal day:

I had it in my mind to do the proposal at a look out over Diamond Lake - back story being "do you know why it's called Diamond Lake... ... look what I found"... etc. Anyway, as luck would have it the weather had a different idea.

On the same day we visited a place called Crater Lake which is one on the most beautiful places on the planet. With the sun out we did a number of short walks while driving around the lake. After lunch and with some clouds forming off in the distance I suggested to Lina that we climb the adjacent peak on the rim of the collapsed volcano.

As Lina loves walking up hill (not) she was keen on the idea particularly in 35 degree heat. We set out and as we gained altitude it became apparent to me that there was about an hour of sunshine left in the day as there was some epic storms on the way! So I gave myself a thorough talking to walking up the rest of the mountain that the proposal would have to happen ahead of schedule at a different location to that which I had planned. The clincher was that I could see that we would be alone on the peak when we arrived and would be for some time.

At the top we both took the obligatory photos of the views and luckily Lina walked over to take photos from another perspective some 30m away. Whilst shaking with nerves I pretended to take photos whilst with the other hand unwrap the ring from its hiding place - it was still there!

With the ring hidden on my little finger I turned to Lina who was still 30m away and in a moment of comedy, she started doing "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" type of moon walking (slow-mo running) towards me! So I mimicked it! When we met, I fumbled some words along the lines of "do you know that volcanos are known for bringing precious minerals to the surface". Then I knelt down on one knee as I said "look what I found... Lina, will you marry me!"

Rather than the 'traditional' "yes", I got back an instant "of course!" This was followed by tears of joy from both sides!

So that's the story of the proposal! Hope you enjoyed it! For info, the rain started an hour later and the view point from over Diamond Lake was rubbish when we finally got there - Lina enjoyed it though as it was filled with Firemen looking for fires sparked by the impending lightning storm!